“After spending 6 days in the hospital, I left there with a walker not being able to move my right left and foot. I went to see Dr. Walters and after the first visit I was able to move my leg and lift my foot. I had not been able to do that for 3 weeks! After just a few visits I am walking with no walker! I cannot say enough about Dr. Walters and his staff. They are amazing and I would highly recommend Dr. Walters!”

– Carol

“Recently, my husband and I traveled to Foley, Alabama from PA to help my family with damages they received from the 2 recent hurricanes. I had just gotten over a case of shingles but still suffered from the pain. After a 1100 mile drive, I was in a lot more pain. After we got to Foley, my husband went online and found Dr. Walter’s number. I called him and he saw me immediately. It turned out I also had a pinched nerve. Pain was oftentimes unbearable. Dr. Walters was able to relieve a lot of the pressure and therefore get rid of the pain. Thanks to him I was able to travel back to PA. I highly recommend Dr. Walters. He is awesome.”

– Nancy

“I was down in Foley, AL when my back went out in Sept. Called Todd short notice on a Friday. He had me in his office in 15min. I’m a pilot and was just hired for a new job that week, he worked on me Friday and even came in Saturday morning to do another adjustment before driving back to Nashville, TN. I was able to recover and start my new job. He was awesome! You can’t find people who will go the extra mile like that in today’s world!! Thank you Todd.”

– Lauren O.

“I definitely recommend Dr Walters. I went in with serious shoulder, neck, and back pain. I honestly feel like a new woman. I was starting to give in to the pain and was becoming less active. I am so happy to say I have not had ONE back ache since seeing him. My neck and shoulder are feeling better as well. And most importantly I’m living my life again. Thanks so much Coastal Chiropractic!!!”

– Tiffany P.